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Outdoor Lovers
Ticks are active
this summer
with all of the
rainfall. Be sure
to take
Where light
colored long
pants and long
clothing. Stop
and check every
so often for
ticks crawling
on your clothes.
Spray clothes
with an
repellent. Do
not let outdoor
clothes lie
around. Wash
and dry in a high
heat cycle for at
least 30 min. to
eliminate ticks
and the bacteria.
per pop.*
Letter from Dr. Burrascano

    September 5, 2011 Joe Burrascano, Jr., MD has
    announced a new lab test available for Lyme doctors to
    use in determining if Lyme is present. There is no need
    to wait for antibodies to form since this is a culture-based
    test. This should provide much faster and more accurate
    detection, and allow Lyme patients to receive treatment
    as soon as possible. Please read below for Dr.
    Burrascano's description of the new test:

    In my work as a consultant, I have been working with
    a private lab located near Philadelphia, Advanced
    Laboratories, Inc. They wanted to develop a unique and
    high value test, and, with my interest in Lyme, I naturally
    encouraged them to work on a better Lyme Disease test.

    As a result of some very intensive work on the part
    of a group of some very brilliant scientists, they have
    succeeded in developing a reliable and rapid blood
    culture for Borrelia!

    They actually have rolled out two separate panels-
    a basic one and an advanced one. In the basic panel,
    the blood sample is cultured and the positives are
    identified by histology and growth characteristics, and
    confirmed by fluorescent immunostaining.
    Positive reports will include a picture of the Bb growing in
    that very culture.

    The advanced panel will do this, but will also do
    PCR using well characterized and published DNA primer
    sets, and then all positive PCRs will be confirmed by DNA

    Remarkably, turn-around time can be as brief as
    ten days for the basic test, and seven to ten more days
    for the advanced panel.

    The next step in their research is also equally
    exciting and ground breaking, but I am not at liberty to
    say yet what is being planned.

    As many of you recall, I learned the basics of true,
    clinical Lyme over 25 years ago thanks to Bb culturing
    that was available to me by Dr. Alan MacDonald. The
    new methods being used by this Pennsylvania lab go far
    beyond what MacDonald was able to do, so I am very
    excited to not only share this news with you, but I also
    cannot wait to see how it will change how we practice.

    I also predict that Bb will be found in a lot of people,
    from mildly to severely ill, and that will redefine the role of
    the immunologist in Lyme to find out why some people
    recover and why others do not. Strain information as
    provided by the DNA sequencing data will be equally
    fascinating to follow.

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                       New Lyme Disease Culture Test

    A research breakthrough promises a new Gold
    Standard in Lyme Disease testing. Lyme Disease blood
    testing has been notorious for its unreliability. This has
    been responsible for misdiagnoses and inappropriate
    patient care, as well as confusion on the part of both
    patient and physician alike. Now, as a result of intensive
    research, Advanced Laboratory Services Inc. is able to
    offer what will rapidly become the new gold standard of
    Lyme tests, the Borrelia Culture.

    Until now, the most widely used confirmatory tests for
    Lyme disease have been serologies, such as the ELISA
    and the Western Blot. Being indirect tests, at best they
    can only indicate possible exposure to this organism at
    some previous point in time. The sensitivity of these
    assays is low and may miss anywhere from 30% to as
    many as 70% of cases of Lyme. Once positive, these
    serologic tests tend to remain positive for variable
    periods, even years, even after treatment. Therefore they
    do not and cannot be used as a marker for progress
    during treatment or for success of treatment.

    While still considered investigational, this new
    method of testing for Lyme allow these advantages:

  • Culture is a direct test and if positive, indicates that
    an infection was present at the time the specimen
    was taken.
  • Cultures may be positive even in a patient who is
  • In theory, any fluid or tissue that is infected can be
  • All known strains of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato
    can be detected.
  • When combined with PCR and DNA sequencing,
    the exact identity of the Borrelia can be ascertained.
    Culture positivity fulfills even the strict CDC
    surveillance case definition.
  • Will become the new Gold Standard for laboratory

  • Currently, Advanced Labs is offering two Borrelia
    blood culture panels: *
    1. The Basic Panel consists of culturing, with confirmation
    of identity by histology and by specific immunostaining.
    The report will include a picture of the actual
    immunostained culture result. This panel will take
    approximately ten to fourteen days. However, some do
    grow more slowly, so all cultures will be held in the lab for
    a minimum of six weeks.

    2. The Extended Panel will include all of the above, plus
    the identity of all positive cultures will be further studied by
    polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and by nucleic acid
    sequencing. These extra steps will require an additional
    ten to fourteen days. However, if the initial histology with
    immunostaining is positive, a preliminary report will be
    issued while the nucleic acid studies are pending.

    * Costs for the tests will be in the range of under
    $500 for the basic test; the extended culture tests will be
    approximately $200 more. Also, testing must be paid for in
    advance, but patients may submit their paid receipt to
    their own insurance carriers for reimbursement.

    Bb culture nuts and bolts:
    - If the patient is symptomatic at the time of blood
    draw and not on antibiotics for at least four weeks, the
    test sensitivity exceeds 80%.
    - All negative controls have remained negative, so
    - As with all blood cultures, the patient may need
    several sets to be sure.
    - Any positive test is significant, even if it is the only
    positive out of a set of three.

    The success of culturing Borrelia can be increased
    by following these simple recommendations:
    1. The patient should not have been exposed to any
    antibiotics, for a minimum of four weeks prior to the blood
    sample being drawn.
    2. Borrelia are more likely to be recovered from patients
    who are symptomatic at the time of blood sampling.
    3. A higher yield may be seen if the blood is drawn in the
    early afternoon, when most infected patients feel
    especially ill.

    Contact the lab to have test kits sent to you or your
    local physician. The blood must be sent out the same day
    it is collected, and the lab provides a prepaid return
    FedEx mailer. As the lab is not yet accepting specimens
    over weekends, please do not collect blood on Fridays.

    For more information contact:
    Advanced Laboratory Services, Inc. 501 Elmwood
    Sharon Hill, PA 19079
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Toll Free Phone: 855-238-4949, Fax: 855-238-4946