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    A Plague of Ignorance Regarding the Ignorance of
    a Plague
    , by Dr. Scott Taylor who is an Iowa research Veterinarian
    and a Lyme patient with a wealth of information Lyme, behavior of
    the bacteria, treatment ideas & more.
    Chronic Lyme - Plague of Ignorance

    International Lyme and Related Diseases
    Association (ILADS)

    This is a professional medical and research organization. We
    highly recommend it as a resource for any medical
    professional treating tick borne diseases. A membership
    organization, this site includes research and position papers.

    Columbia University Center for Research Studies
    The first research facility in the U.S. to focus on
    neuropsychiatric aspects of Lyme disease.Directed by Dr. Brian
    Fallon, it provides treatment and diagnostic considerations, and
    excellent information on neurological symptoms of chronic Lyme
    Columbia Research Center

    Evidence based guidelines for the management of Lyme disease
    Medical literature on all Lyme topics in summary form, an excellent
    Lyme Medical Literature Summaries

    Basics of Lyme Disease
    The Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern
    Pennsylvania has created this excellent booklet on Ld basics.
    Download and distribute.
    Pennsylvania's Lyme booklet

    Lyme Disease Network
    This web site contains general information about the diagnosis,
    symptoms and treatment of Lyme disease
    Research library, flash discussion group,
    Lyme Disease Network

    Parents of Children with Lyme
    Children with Lyme and Neurological manifestations of Lyme disease.
    Lyme Disease in Children
Iowa Lyme Disease Association - Education
P.O. Box 221
Brighton, Iowa  52540
[email protected]

    Lyme Information from A - Z
    This site provides nearly every detail about Lyme disease - symptoms,
    diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Advocacy info and peer-
    reviewed medical literature are also available. You will find articles as
    well as an extensive directory of information about Lyme disease and
    other tick-borne infections.
    Lyme Info

    Herxheimer Reaction
    This link will explain one of the most common reactions Lyme
    patients experience when starting a course of antibiotic treatment
    Herxheimer Reaction

    Parents of Children with Lyme
    Children with Lyme and Neurological manifestations of Lyme
    Lyme Disease in Children
Lyme Disease - Education Links

    Lyme Disease Foundation
    Good resource for Lyme and tick education. A variety of educational
    materials are available for purchase.
    Lyme Disease Foundation

    Lyme Disease Association
    This is one of the premier Ld groups in the nation and has
    information for patient, doctor, educator and politician.
    Lyme Disease Association

    Time for Lyme
    Another very informative site with education materials such as
    curriculum and video.
    Time for Lyme

    Lyme Disease Forum
    Join others in general Lyme discussion
    Lyme Disease Forum

    The Lyme Times produced by the California Lyme Disease
    Association is an excellent national lay journal. To subscribe, click on
    this link:
    Lyme Times Journal

    Lyme Disease Audio
    This site has audio clips on important Ld topics and a weekly, free,
    live chat.
    Lyme Audio

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    Dr. Alan McDonald's Research on the molecular biology of Lyme is
    Dr. McDonald's Research

    Diagnostic Hints and Treatment Guidelines
    By Joseph J. Burrascano, M.D.
    Dr. Burrascano is a prominent Lyme specialist. No longer treating
    patients, but his guidelines are used and recommended by Lyme
    doctors across the US. Updated September 2008, this document is
    available in pdf format for offline reading and printing. Print this and
    share with your medical doctors and staff.
    Dr. Burrascano's Treatment Guide

    UK Hearing Conservation Council
    This Constitution was adopted by a meeting of the Trustees
    on the 4th day of February 1999.
    Hearing UK Constitution

    ILADS Treatment Guidelines
    Evidence-based comprehensive set of Lyme Disease Treatment
    Guidelines to assist physicians, public health officials and
    organizations involved in the evaluation and treatment of Lyme disease
    ILADS Treatment Guide

    Congenital CMV Foundation
    Diagnosis of CMV infection in the pregnant mother, fetus and,
    newborn latency and reactivation, pathogenesis, prevention of
    congenital disease after maternal infection.
    Information for professionals

    IGeneX Laboratory
    Specializes in testing for tick borne diseases.
    IGenex Lab
Treatment and Technical Information